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Our Services

Architectural Design

The team in Topos specializes in conducting feasibility studies and offering comprehensive architectural design services from the initial stages to the construction phase. Our experienced team of top architects in Singapore excels in providing design solutions for terrace and semi-detached houses.

Commercial Interior Design

We create commercial architecture and interior design solutions that bring your ideas to life based on your business needs, branding, and aesthetic requirements. Our team provides captivating spaces that match your brand identity, delivering tailored commercial interior designs.

Residential Interior Design

As a residential architect in Singapore, another specialized area where we excel, offering custom designs that flawlessly integrate your design preferences and lifestyle requirements with our extensive experience and expertise. We aim to deliver visually captivating and functional designs that specifically cater to your needs.

The Process


To initiate the design process, we combine hand-built models, sketches, CAD software, and 3D rendering programs to develop the primary architectural schematic. This approach allows us to effectively communicate our design concepts to our clients, actively involving them in the process and ensuring their understanding of the envisioned spaces.


Being architects based in Singapore, we possess a wealth of experience in successfully acquiring government authority approvals and collaborating with various consultants, including structural and mechanical engineers and quantity surveyors. Our proficiency in these areas allows us to navigate the regulatory processes smoothly and coordinate seamlessly with other professionals involved in the project.


At our core, we are dedicated to the meticulous craftsmanship of every detail, ensuring that no aspect is overlooked, whether it's the building façade or the tiniest joinery handle. We firmly believe that exceptional design should not only exude beauty but also serve practical purposes and be easy to maintain.

Transparent Tendering

We provide our clients with an open tender process that allows them to have transparency in cost breakdowns and make informed comparisons among various builders. Through this process, we invite tenders from potential builders and carefully evaluate the bids to select a contractor for our clients. Over the years, we have nurtured strong relationships with reputable and well-established builders, emphasizing the importance of choosing a reliable builder for each project, as it greatly contributes to its overall success.

Luxury Interiors

Our team at Topos Design possesses a wealth of professional experience in creating high-end luxury interiors for our residential projects. We recognize that interior design is just as crucial as the exterior, and we meticulously focus on every detail, customizing each outcome to suit our client's unique preferences and requirements.

Project Oversight

Our team assumes the project lead role during construction, providing comprehensive oversight and management throughout the building process. We conduct regular site meetings and inspections, ensuring efficient coordination among builders, consultants, and other specialists/suppliers on behalf of our clients until the project reaches completion.

Latest Projects

Topos Design is a thriving interior architecture firm in Singapore renowned for delivering exceptional solutions for both residential and commercial projects. We approach every renovation project with commitment, providing our clients with the highest quality of service to bring their ideal home or commercial interior design to life. Whether crafting captivating home interiors or creating inspiring workplace designs, you can trust that Topos Design will exceed your expectations.

Latest Blogs

At Topos Design, we view interior design and renovations as more than just a profession – a way of life. And why wouldn't we? We derive joy from sharing the marvels of interior design and witnessing our clients' gratifying expressions as they behold their newly transformed homes or workplaces. With unwavering dedication, we strive to provide valuable insights and inspiration through our informative blog posts featuring various topics, including tips, trends, and style guides. Explore our latest blog entries to stay updated on the latest in trendy interior design and renovation discussions.


As one of the top architecture firms in Singapore, Topos Design is committed to providing quality and pragmatic design solutions for every project. Our satisfaction stems from our clients' joy and contentment upon experiencing the completed projects we deliver. We take immense pleasure in receiving feedback from our customers, who often express how delighted they are with their new interior decor and how it elevates their overall comfort within their homes. Explore the testimonials of our past clients to gain insight into their experiences with Topos Design.