Award Winning Architect Singapore

At TOPOS, we cultivate a vision that challenges space usage and allocation conventions. As an award-winning architect in Singapore, we’re known for our innovative architectural and interior designs and our commitment to inspiring individuals to reach their complete potential daily. We design living and working spaces that don’t just accommodate but inspire, fostering a harmonious coexistence of space and form and acknowledging the influence of individuality in shaping our everyday environments.

We co-create homes that reflect their owners’ identities, working in partnership with our clients and property owners. Our design philosophy is firmly rooted in crafting a unique spatial character that resonates with each client. Since our establishment in 2005, TOPOS has expanded its presence to Dubai, Bangkok, and Hong Kong, cementing our reputation as an award-winning architect in Singapore on the global stage.

Among the milestones punctuating our journey, the design of the world’s largest racecourse grandstand in Meydan, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, stands out. This $2 billion architectural marvel underscores our innovative approach to design and unwavering commitment to excellence. Furthermore, TOPOS proudly designed the world’s first 5-star trackside hotel at the exact location, pushing the boundaries of luxury and convenience.

At TOPOS, we’re not just an award-winning architect in Singapore but pioneers of tomorrow’s spaces, seamlessly blending innovation, functionality, and aesthetic appeal to transform every project into a masterpiece of architectural excellence.