Residential Architecture

Confluence of Splendor and Functionality

In the portfolio of TOPOS, we pride ourselves that we have built a dynamic tapestry crafted through the hands of the top architects in Singapore. Being the best residential architect in Singapore, our narration focuses on bringing the eloquent coexistence between splendor and functionality. Our architecture, a vivid reflection of our expertise, entices the enlightened eye and unerringly fosters harmony between the occupants and their surroundings through impeccable designs. Ours is the ultimate blend of art and science, a manifestation of focused skill and unrivaled creativity that place us on the list of top architects in Singapore. We propagate the infusion of natural light to enhance living spaces, bring forth revolutionary, state-of-the-art spaces, and deliver the comfort of an exalted lifestyle.

Commercial Architecture


TOPOS has an impeccable record of drawing up successful commercial architecture for hospitality spaces. Our Commercial Architecture prowess extends to select projects in hospitality spaces, including commendable efforts in F&B design and restaurant interior design. By gaining a deep understanding of each brand’s unique essence and the individual character of each space, our team expertly crafts an individualistic narrative for each hotel and restaurant.

Every project must be immersive, meriting, and able to induce the mandatory wow effect. Our designs incorporate new and evolving global trends, allowing seamless integration with its site. Uniting these global trends with the authentic local flavors of the area will enable us to create commercial architecture and design that is appreciated over time and stands the test of time.

Through unique methodology in developing memory design, we go further than other spaces, transforming commercial spaces into memorable places. In creating these built experiences for our clients, we strive to define their brand and for employees and consumers to have beautiful and layered interactions within those stores or showrooms. In F&B design, our restaurant interior designs are one part harmonious beauty and another part careful design consideration, leaving us as the best restaurant interior designers in the business. We start with designs that reflect the conceptual ideas and personalities of your restaurant’s brand image. Then, we overlay it with experience and emotion to ensure each trip to the restaurant is not only worth remembering but one that transforms people.

Hospitality Architecture

Reimagining Hospitality Architecture Through the Lens of Restaurant Interior Design


TOPOS empowers the world of Hospitality Architecture, staking a bold claim to be a provocative disrupter in F&B design. We are not interested in casually moving the needle; we are steadfast in our belief in inciting the extraordinary within the parameters of space. Our architecture and restaurant interior designs work to offer an inspiring canvas for the boundless elements of perception, mobilize slumbering desires into an awakened state, and act as a vessel for greatness within architectural realms. Objects created from the most modern of technologies and the most conceptual of materials, our spaces look stunning, function to a high degree of resolution, have an innate purpose and are consistently sustainable.

No two restaurant interior design projects are alike, as our work reflects some combination of an aesthetic lure and functional profundity, harmoniously synchronized. Our design products demonstrate an unbroken union between form and function, where no detail is too small to matter and where every detail matters to enhance the experience. Our designs seamlessly merge form with function, where every detail counts and elevates the overall experience. Whether crafting a hotel’s elegance or focusing on the intricate elements of restaurant interiors, we approach every space with precision and care. Every project we tackle combines our refined expertise with a drive to challenge and expand known boundaries.