In the ever-evolving theatre of design, where aesthetics shape our experiences, TOPOS positions itself at the vanguard, leading the avant-garde revolution of international residential, F&B, commercial, and hospitality spaces. This isn’t merely a target we aim to hit; it’s the lifeblood that fuels our unwavering pursuit of design perfection.

At TOPOS, our mission surpasses the superficial alteration of spaces. We transcend mere aesthetics to redefine spatial elements, breathing unique identities into every corner that spark inspiration and imbuing each space with profound meaning. We create environments that resonate, sparking a language that speaks to the soul and fires up the imagination.

With a different lens, TOPOS crafts architectural and interior landscapes that push boundaries, delve into hidden desires, and elevate aspirations. To us, spaces transcend physical boundaries; they metamorphose into vessels carrying the essence of a spatial concept.

Our designs, much like our name – TOPOS, are inherently unique. Each letter signifies an aspect of our craft: Timeless, Optimal, Personal, Objective, Sleek. Assembled, they epitomize the seamless melding of our creative prowess and unwavering commitment to functional beauty.

Our logo, too, is a narrative woven into shapes and letters. It signifies the eternal circle of life, an ode to our commitment to enduring designs that seamlessly weave elegance and class, undeterred by fleeting trends. It symbolizes our resolve and holistic approach to truly understanding our clients and the potentiality of the spaces we shape.

Our chosen name, TOPOS, holds a profound mathematical reference: a topological space formed by three interconnected points, signifying a ‘coming together,’ a sense of ‘arrival.’ Encapsulated within a circle in our logo, each letter of TOPOS represents the unity and continuity underpinning our design approach. This sentiment was expertly encapsulated by Alvin Tan, our founding partner from PHUNK, who beautifully conveyed the depth and significance of our name.

So, the narrative of TOPOS unravels, a tale steeped in passion, innovation, and an unyielding pursuit of design excellence.