TOPOS Design Studio visualises itself at the forefront of revolutionary design for international commercial spaces.

Redefining spatial elements to create unique identities that are meaningful and inspiring.

TOPOS Design Studio creates architecture and interior designs that challenge the imagination, tap into hidden desires and heighten aspirations within the spatial conceptual element.

Our designs are:
T – Timeless      O – Optimal     P – Personal      O – Objective      S – Sleek

Our logo is a symbiosis of the various architectural and geometrical shapes that form the basis of our work, and the letters in our name.  If you look closely, this logo engages the elements of the circle of life – a portrayal of our commitment to the main tenet of our designs – to strive to achieve designs of a TIMELESS look that continue to remain classy and elegant through the fads of time.  It also encompasses our steadfastness and our all-rounded approach to understanding the client and available innovations to conceptualise spaces that inspire with the individual at the heart of it all.

“TOPOS can either mean a ‘coming together’ or ‘a sense of arrival’.  In mathematics, topos or topoi behaves much like the set of sets that forms a topological space, or a space consisting of 3 points connected to each other.  The logo sees the letters of TOPOS added within the topological and typographical space of a circle, each representing TOPOS’ authentic design approach” – Alvin Tan, Founding Partner, PHUNK.