F&B Design, Interior Design Services


Our mission at Topos is to deliver select bespoke architectural, f&b design, and interior design services across a broad spectrum that is carefully tailor-made to each discerning individual client’s requirements.

Every one of our projects, from our residential spaces to even restaurant interior designs, stands as a testament to our commitment to architectural excellence. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field to fall back on and deliver a technical masterpiece far superior to anything else in the market.

Each member of the Topos family is constantly evolving as a professional in their own right. We continue to learn and improve our skills and combine them with the latest trends and technologies to bring something new and awe-inspiring to architectural design.

We never built the same space twice.

Designing to Perfection

Redefining Restaurant Interior Design with an Eye for Detail


Our commitment to meticulous detailing, especially in restaurant interior design, enables us to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, delivering awe-inspiring, aesthetically beautiful, and functionally superior spaces. Our approach to f&b design is based on a healthy concoction of creativity and precision to ensure that each space is visually appealing and operationally bespoke. We leave no stone unturned to comprehend your vision, converting it into a rightful design that oozes elegance and grace in every nook and corner.



Delving into residential interior design, our team is poised to transform your abode. We specialize in revamping apartments and houses, infusing fresh aesthetics with functional designs. Projects in global cities enrich our expertise, each echoing aesthetic and functional excellence. We blend cutting-edge methods and technology, tailoring spaces that reflect personal style and needs, turning dreams into reality. Every project is a harmonious blend of art and functionality, a testament to our signature touch in residential interior design.



Elevating corporate interiors in Singapore, TOPOS offers superior corporate interior design Singapore services. Our portfolio boasts a myriad of design ventures across corporations, equipping us to tailor our services immaculately to the nuances of your business. In the competitive landscape of Singapore, we recognize the imperative role of corporate interior design in cementing your corporate persona. A sophisticated design can project your unique brand, leveraging and celebrating your company’s industry standing and successes.

Our versatile skill set allows us to render a broad spectrum of corporate interiors, showcasing our expertise in corporate interior design Singapore. Whether you are aiming to achieve a sleek, modern glass aesthetic or a compact yet stylish aluminum design, with us, expert partition contractors in Singapore, you can rest assured that we will effortlessly spruce up your workspace, making sure it isn’t just a reflection of your company’s identity and values but also an addition to it.


Operating on the premise of the hospitality industry, TOPOS has built a reputation for being the very best at what they do: offering top-notch architecture and interior design services, specifically on hospitality interior design in Singapore.

With luxurious spaces coupled with a touch of snugness, our hospitality interior design team has had an extensive range of experience in spaces in the entertainment segment in Singapore, APAC, and the Middle East. With a range of projects in our portfolio, the TOPOS team can cater to many different followers within hospitality.

We can genuinely design for our customers, creating uniquely designed interiors with the brand’s DNA enlisted within the project. When embarking on a hospitality hotel design project in the city known for its hospitality scene, Singapore, TOPOS knows that offering excellence is a given. Focusing mainly on the entertainment and luxury segments, we understand the hospitality scene in Singapore and across Asia and the Middle East.

Through personal design choices that include flooring materials, lighting, and others, each aspect of your project will receive as much attention, no matter how large or small. Our dedicated team can elevate the guest experience through sound design principles and truly understanding and meeting hospitality business needs.

In the competitive hospitality interior design in Singapore, no project is too large or complex for us. At TOPOS, your inspiration becomes our vision – and we turn each of your ambitions into a reality that not only stands out and adds value but also assures timeless sophistication and uncompromising functionality. Each hospitality interior in Singapore we create is a testament to our craft and a magnificent symphony of luxury and comfort that marks us as Singapore’s leading name in hospitality-designed interiors.

We love a challenge. Let our team help to assist in growing or starting your hospitality company in Asia or for a current project you are involved in. TOPOS… Inspired by Culture. Dedicated to Design!


Unlocking Potential with a Premier Commercial Interior Design Company and Leading Architects in Singapore

When undertaking the design or renovation of a home or office, the expertise of a commercial interior design company becomes invaluable, especially when backed by some of the leading architects Singapore has to offer. Their role extends beyond mere aesthetics and visual appeal, weaving functionality and atmosphere into the fabric of every space.

A commercial interior design company like ours, enriched by the skills of leading architects in Singapore, transcends the ordinary. We ensure that every design execution enhances rather than detracts from a space’s functionality and overall atmosphere. We understand that a poorly executed design can negatively impact an ample space, and we’re committed to excellence in every project.

Interior design firms, especially those synergizing the expertise of a commercial interior design company and leading architects Singapore is renowned for, are adept at enhancing the quality of rooms. We maximize the practical utilization of space, optimize color schemes, leverage lighting effects, and transform textures, patterns, scales, and proportions. Our in-depth knowledge extends to the meticulous selection of appropriate furniture and fixtures, all tailored to elevate and uplift people’s living and working environments, marking us as a trusted partner in commercial interiors.

We stand as a beacon of innovation and quality in commercial spaces, where functionality and aesthetics converge. Each project, backed by the expertise of leading architects in Singapore, is a harmonious blend of practical and visual elements. Every design is a testament to our commitment to excellence, echoing the sophistication and functionality that defines us as a leading commercial interior design company.



Unveil the secret to your untapped workspace potential when you leverage the expert office interior design services of Singapore’s leading artisans, TOPOS. With a stunning record over 20 years of redefining office space design, we’ve built imaginative office workspaces for top brands in Singapore and across the globe – achieving extraordinary business objectives while winning us awards for many of our projects.

Are you ready to create an office interior design that sets you apart from your business competition? Let’s talk today!

The TOPOS team offers specialist knowledge and insights into the psychology behind office space and consumer behavior. We’re a collective of architects, interior designers, strategists, merchandisers, and project managers with sophisticated comprehension and mastery of office interior design and execution. Our clients are treated to creative office design ideas with practical functionality and proper process planning. We embrace ideas that improve collaboration, communication, wellness, and intelligent functionality, transforming our work. We also integrate bespoke office furniture design that optimizes the use of your corporate brand colors and encourages workplace productivity.

Nowadays, an office’s design and visual aesthetics in business are more than just a physical space. It boosts productivity, stimulates creativity, and reflects your brand. Because each office is built up from a particular history, each office tells a unique story. TOPOS is committed to translating your narrative into a functional yet inspiring workspace. In office design in Singapore, we are different.

As one of Singapore’s top office interior design companies, TOPOS symbolizes innovation, quality, and trust. TOPOS is a trusted name across the corporate world; from renovating old offices from scratch to setting up your new office, our team of interior designers in Singapore will bring new life to your office configuration. Most companies require the right mix of privacy and transparency; liminal spaces often provide efficient solutions to these complex and common workforce problems. At TOPOS, we create office interior designs in Singapore to suit customer needs—and assist with designing and planning projects with detailed Millwork and furniture drawings.

For the past two decades, our firm has stood at the forefront of office design in Singapore, combining outstanding design with an impeccable level of service to deliver impressive offices that are a joy for your staff to work in. And for over 90% of our clients, we do so within a budget.

Suppose you’re used to working with other office designers who leave you feeling more like a nuisance than a partner. In that case, you’re in for a refreshing change when you contact one of our studio managers to inquire about our office interior design services.

Within the field of corporate interior design, TOPOS truly shines unto itself. Every office space we design is a unique work of art where aesthetic beauty partners seamlessly with practical functionality. We understand and embrace the fluid nature of today’s business landscape, resulting in designs that are as flexible as they are future-proof.

At TOPOS, every project is a cooperative journey. We learn about our clients by understanding their vision, aspirations, and obstacles. From this starting point, we work together to bring their ideas to life. Good design is about people, so the experience a workplace provides is paramount. We see the opportunity to create workplaces where employees are energized to perform at the highest level and inspire motivation and innovation.

Within an increasingly blurred work-life reality, an office space is much more than a solitary space for a single purpose. An office is a place of intentional collaboration, creation, and camaraderie, an incubator of ideas to perform modern life’s myriad tasks better.

Welcome to TOPOS, a world of interior office design, where a million dreams are concealed in little corners. In every detail and every corner of a TOPOS space, you would discover light and lightness, grandeur and simplicity, complexity and continuum. Your workspace would genuinely reflect you, your passion, and your intention.

A space tuned to inspire, empower, and challenge; to create, innovate and produce. An area that becomes a living narrative, a statement of purpose that delivers more than your expectations, better than you could visualize. A space with individual spirit and collective energy for TOPOS is committed to designing spaces to be phantasmagorical for today and ready for tomorrow’s change.

Welcome to a world of light, delight, and knowledge. Welcome to a world of innovation, perfection, and fulfillment.

Welcome to TOPOS, and welcome to the future.