TOPOS Design Studio creates architecture and interior designs that challenge the imagination, tap into hidden desires and heighten aspirations within the spatial conceptual element. By collaborating closely with our clients, TOPOS generates authentic design solutions and artistic judgements that satisfy the distinctive needs of each project while paying attention to the details, scale and proportions of the design. This special process constantly evolves to generate a thorough design solution with strong experiential identities that constantly meet our clients’ needs.

Before embarking on the overall design proposal, TOPOS Design Studio prides ourselves on our fine-grained detailing and co-creation process with the client to construct spaces that are both meaningful and inspirational for the client:

1. Preparation of design brief with inputs from clients

  • Use of space objectives
  • Scope of flexibility
  • Provision of growth and expansion
  • Monetary resources and availability

2. Market studies and research

  • Brand audit and identity reinforcement
  • Current interior designs

3. Client’s objectives and personality scoping

  • Brand culture evaluation
  • Client’s customers and their wants
  • Client’s operations and scale

4. Proposal development

Upon the award of a project, TOPOS Design Studio will them embark on the implementation through another 4-step process:

1. Analysis

2. Design

  • Design detailing
  • Design specifications

3. Development

  • Prototyping
  • Proofing

4. Implementation

At TOPOS Design Studio, we pride ourselves in optimising intelligent creativity to ensure an emotional, intellectual and physical connection with the final interior product.


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