“We pride ourselves in optimising intelligent creativity to ensure an emotional, intellectual and physical connection with the final interior product.”

At TOPOS Architect , we make sure that we only offer our clients a comprehensive holistic experience in developing detailed, bespoke Architectural and Interior Designs. We have a wide range of experience in varying projects which include corporate, hospitality, commercial, F&B, residential, public spaces and exhibitions. Fine-grained detailing is reflected in our Master Planning, Architecture and Interior Architecture Design services.

Before embarking on the overall design proposal, TOPOS, assist the client in the preparation of the brief from design objectives, budget, limitation to flexibility and provision of growth. We look at space schematics and flow diagrams while conducting our own marketing studies with the brand and the interior design. Four important processes engaged are:

1. Analysis

2. Design

3. Develop

4. Implement.

These four processes are constantly evaluated in relation to each other.

We create the design concept by providing a unique solution reflecting the brand culture, customer, operation and the client’s future vision and objectives. We realize the concept as closely to the design vision through a thorough process of detail design, specification, prototyping, proofing and implementation.

At TOPOS, we pride ourselves in optimizing intelligent creativity to ensure an emotional, intellectual and physical connection with the final interior product.

We curate immersive architectural and interior design narratives that dare to delve into the realms of the imagination, unleash concealed yearnings, and amplify spatial aspirations. Our team, thriving in the interplay between collaboration and autonomy, artfully forges bespoke design solutions that cater to each project’s unique narrative and maintain an unwavering reverence for the design’s details, scale, and proportions. This dynamic approach perpetually evolves, spawning robust design solutions replete with potent experiential identities, impeccably in tune with your visions.


Before embarking on the overall design proposal, TOPOS Architect prides ourselves on our fine-grained detailing and co-creation process with you to construct spaces that are both meaningful and inspirational for you:

1. Prepare the design brief with input from you.

Use of space objectives

Scope of flexibility

Provision of growth and expansion

Monetary resources and availability

2. Market studies and research

Brand audit and identity reinforcement

Current interior designs

3. Your objectives and personality scoping

Brand culture evaluation (if applicable)

Your customers and their wants  (if relevant)

Your operations and scale

4. Proposal development


Upon the award of a project, TOPOS Architect will embark on the implementation through another 4-step process:
1. Analysis
2. Design
Design detailing
Design specifications
3. Development
Prototyping Proofing
4. Implementation