Navigating the frontiers of architectural and interior design, Team TOPOS, enriched by award-winning architects Singapore celebrates, is a vibrant melting pot of cultures, backgrounds, and expertise. This amalgamation of talent and innovation positions us as the vanguard of architectural innovation in Singapore. Our collective diversity is a powerful crucible in which groundbreaking design concepts are forged, reimagining the potential of spaces.

The fuel for our relentless innovation is our passionate understanding of our work’s tangible and emotional implications. As award-winning architects in Singapore, our mission transcends the conventional; we transform spaces into a canvas of aspirations and ambitions, meticulously bringing the dreams of those who dwell within them to fruition. Every stroke of our design, every concept, is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation, unfolding the unseen potential each day, every day.


Alan, a pioneering force at TOPOS, boasts an illustrious career of over 25 years, leaving his indelible imprint on international hospitality, commercial, and residential projects. A master craftsman with an Honours degree in Architecture from Deakin University and a Graduate Diploma in Urban Design from the Queensland University of Technology, Australia, Alan transforms living and work spaces with his minimalist, elegant designs.

Alan’s journey of architectural excellence began at CPG Consultants Pte Ltd (CPG Corp), a leading architectural and building service provider in Asia Pacific. Here, he honed his skills, executing diverse projects that ranged from SGD 5.6 million to SGD 250 million in development costs. Later, as a Senior Architect at Jurong International, Alan lent his expertise to various architectural and master planning projects, leaving his mark on cities such as Suzhou, China.

Alan’s notable accomplishment includes contributing to the design of the esteemed Suzhou Golf and Country Club. Before establishing TOPOS, he was the Creative Director of OASE Living Water in Germany, overseeing the worldwide design and implementation of expansive architectural landscape water features.

An esteemed member of professional organizations such as the Singapore Institute of Architects, the Royal Australian Institute of Architects, and the Design Institute of Australia, Alan’s architectural prowess is acknowledged and respected in global circles. He also serves on the council of the Interior Design Confederation of Singapore, pushing for more tremendous respect and professionalism within the industry. Additionally, Alan imparts his architectural wisdom as an external examiner for various design schools, polytechnics, and universities in Singapore and the UK.

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